Les étranges de MySpace.com

Ça faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas reçu de matière fraîche :)

« Hi, I’m Rob and, if I may be so bold, I would like to ask a favor. You see, I have been looking for another piece to have tattoo’d on me. Well, I narrowed my decision down to a tattoo of Joan of Arc. I’m not a very religious person but, historicaly speaking, how many people do you know(man, woman or saint) who did what she did. So, searching around, I found many pictures of Joan of Arc but the one that really appeals to me is the one in the Joan of Arc Gardens in Quebec City. Would you be able to do me a favor and take a good, level, side picture of it? It may make you seem rather strange because you may have to stand on a ladder or something to do it. hehe I am very serious about this. I would get the picture myself but I am presently living in Okinawa, Japan and won’t be back for another 2yrs (and tattoos are cheaper here =P ). I am originally from Ontario (London) but the closest I know anyone there is Ottawa. Why did I choose to email you? You were the first person I came upon ,while browsing, who did photography in Quebec City. »

Qui se ressemble...

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